The Venous Flytraps Are Ready For The New Owners! |

The Venous Flytraps Are Ready For The New Owners!

The 8th international horror film festival “DROP” is taking place during the end of March up to the beginning of April marking the 8 th year of the special events held in Moscow by the Live Entertainment Company. The film festival itself is a large international project officially supported by the International Sci-fi and Horror Film Society!

The Festival Contest Program of the newest horror films and thrillers will take place from March 28 till March 31 2018 on the screens of the biggest film theatre chain in Russia – “KARO” (particular in KARO 8 Atrium and KARO SKY 17 Aviapark ) in a non-stop screening program. From morning until the late night the audience will be presented with the best pictures selected by the festival during the year. Celebrities and newcomers – all will be presented in the Contest Program. We have motion pictures from around the world, so the audience can enjoy the variety of such multi-layered genre as horror presented from everywhere by everyone. The winner of this year’s festival will not only get a diploma and the statuette, but also will get a certificate for TV distribution of the film.

On March 30 in 18:00 the KARO SKY 17 Aviapark film theatre holds a press-conference and Celebrity master-class in Q&A featuring all the celebrity guests of the festival. As the Q&A portion concludes, the audience will be presented with the premiere screening of “Cain Code” – an American-Russian thriller starring Eric Roberts. Also during the master-class you will be presented with the special make-up tutorial from Miroslav Lakobrija (the special make-up artist for “A Serbian Film”): everybody has a chance to turn into a real-life bloodthirsty zombie!

The jury members of this year’s festival are: Sylvia Perell (Mexico) – a celebrated MIFF judge, Yuriy Torsuev (Russia) – a film actor , Andrea Marfori (Italy) a screenwriter, producer and director and Miroslav Lakobrija (Serbia) – a special make-up artist.

Each year the festival features celebrities from all over the world. This year the following guests are conformed: Mick Garris (the creator of “Masters Of Horror” series), Miroslav Lakobrija (the make-up artist for “A Serbian Film”), Kristina Klebe (an actress featured in “Halloween”, “Mamula” and also voiced such games as “Friday 13 th : The Game”, “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” and “Rise Of Nightmares”), also the stars of “Friend Request” — Shashawnee Hall, Liesl Ahlers, Lee Raviv , a musician and star of “A Serbian Film” Sergey Trifunovich, star of “A Cure From Wellness” Thomas Nostrum and one of the stars of “Saw 8” – Josita Black.

Aside from the special guests presenting the festival, you’ll see special video messages from such giants of cinema as Brad Pitt, Michael Madsen, Hasan Karacadag and John Kassir.

The celebrated Russian guests of this year’s festival are Natalia Varley, Svetlana Baskova, Alan Diambekov and many others.

At 19:00 March 31 the 8 th Festival Award Ceremony will take place. The best thriller and horror film auteurs will be invited on stage of the KARO SKY 17 Aviapark theatre as well as the most celebrated artists. The Award Ceremony features a special show of the Igor Krutoy’s child performers “The Academics”, as well as such Russian music celebrities as Vahtang, Sergey Vasiliev (“Earthlings ”), Igor Fiolenko (“DVD”), Angelica Frolova (Comedy Woman), Vitold Petrovskiy (“Voice”). Before the Award Ceremony you will be treated with a feast, a performance quest, Stephen King inspired art gallery, the predatory plants exhibition and a special screening of the talented Spartak Lakguev’s horror shorts.

The “DROP” Film Festival” is an open event, everybody can visit it and enjoy it – all the film fans and film lovers. More news on —

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