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Festival team

President, General Producer, founder of festival 


Виктор Буланкин

Victor Boulankin

General Director of LIVE Entertainment Production Center, President of Isolation & Suffering Short Videos Festival, President of Moscow International VR Film Festival, Program Director and Managing Curator of Moscow International Design Film Festival, Program Director and Curator of MIFF’s out-of-competition program «Fright Nights», Jury member of the Moscow ArtKino Festival of auteur short films, Jury member of the De Cine Todo Santos International Film Festival (Mexico), Jury member and winner of the highest award for contribution to genre cinema of the Serbian International Fantastic Film Festival (Serbia), Jury member and winner of the North Ossetian Festival of auteur short films; film producer, member of the All-Russian Academy of Short Film Authors, winner of the 1st degree medal of the President of the Russian Federation, holder of the title «Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation», film actor, TV and radio presenter, producer.

As a movie actor he starred in 10 films, including feature films and documentaries.

As a presenter he hosted the award ceremonies of the film festivals «Drop» and «ArtKino», many VIP presentations and events, a concert in memory of Michael Jackson and the music festival “Finnish Rock in Moscow”.

As a TV and radio presenter, he has hosted author programs on the TV channels Tochka TV and Taina, as well as on the radio stations Europa Plus and Pod FM.

He is a regular participant of media events.

As a music producer he has worked with Russian pop stars: Victoria Pierre-Marie, Natalia Treya, Sergey Krylov, Alexander Savin, Slava Martov, Nikolay Agutin, Sergey Vasiliev, Zhenya Lepokurova and many others.

As a promoter he has brought to Moscow the stars of Hollywood and popular music: the group «Europe» (Sweden), Modern Talking, Eric Roberts, Akira Yamaoka, Costas Mandilor, Javier Bote, Jodel Ferland and dozens of others.

He is a member of jury at many musical and film international competitions, including the Golden Note, Space Music, and FLINT Tramplin competitions.

Co-producer and program director of the film festival


Александр Златопольский

Alexander Zlatopolsky

He is the founder and producer of the film company GOLDFIELD ENTERTAINMENT, a film actor who performed in the films «Aika» (which was the winner of the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival 2018 and was shortlisted for the Oscar 2019, the film «Conference» («Kinotavr» 2020), the British film «Behind Enemy Lines» and others)






The rest of the team:

PR Director — Nataly Gesse
Accountant — Maria Smirnova
Lawyer — Yuri Vorobiev
Interpreter accompanying VIP-guests — Olga Retivkina
Graphic designer — Ekaterina Serkova
Video director — Pavel Golovin
System administrator, programmer — Vyacheslav Gurin
Translators: Yulia Zagudallina, Daniil Medinsky, Nikolay Myagkov
Assistants: Maria Ignatova, Rafael Karapetyan


Board of Trustees:

Uwe Boll




Lloyd Kaufman





President of the Jury

Richard Cutting (USA)

Film producer, actor


Jury members:

Silvia Perel (Mexico)

President and curator of genre film festivals worldwide, experienced jury member, filmmaker


Andrea Marfori (Italy)

Filmmaker and cinematographer, specialist in horror films



Yuri Torsuev (Russia)

Film actor






Vilen Babichev (Russia)

Film actor, stuntman




Игорь Жижикин

Igor Zhizhikin

Hollywood and Russian actor, stuntman, organizer, producer






Arina Rozova

Film and TV Director







Nina Romodanovskaya (Russia)

Editor-in-Chief of ProfiCinema portal, Associate Professor at Gerasimov VGIK, Member of the International Federation of Film Critics and Film Journalists (FIPRESCI).


Карина Романова

Karina Romanova

Actress, stuntwoman and voice over artist.

Proved herself in Hollywood as one of the best stuntwomen working with Hollywood stars. Talent, crazy determination and incredible belief in herself is what drives her and what she advises all aspiring actors who want to succeed in their careers.




Сурен Карташян

Suren Kartashian

Director and cameraman, specialist in music videos.

Suren is able to turn an idea into a bright and memorable music video or film. He is a master in creating spectacular shots, combining music and visuals, conveying emotions and atmosphere in various genres of music.






Руслан Прохоров

Ruslan Prokhorov

Releasing director, aerial cameraman and director of photography

Ruslan knows how to shoot something unusual and memorable from a bird’s eye view. He is the creator of a camera stabilisation system for copter shooting, an autogrip, a rope system. His invention has been used in an impressive list of movies and TV series. In addition to saving money, the system saves time, as it takes only 30 minutes to prepare.







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