Results of the XIII "DROP" Film Festival |

Results of the XIII «DROP» Film Festival

On October 1, 2023 in Moscow ended the XIII Moscow International Film Festival of sharp-edged cinema «DROP», which started on September 27 and was held in the capital for 5 days.

During this time, 48 films participating in the competition program, including full and short films, were shown at 2 film venues (cinema theatre “Mir Iskusstva» and cinema club «The Same Nevinnost»); there was also an opening session in «GUM cinema» and a star master class in the format of Q&A session from foreign star guests present in person in the co-working studio “Lyudi Goroda». It is worth noting that this year the organising committee of the festival, despite the international isolation of our country, once again managed to bring a large number of foreign stars from around the world, emphasising its broad international status.

On September 30, the festival participants and spectators were invited to the awarding ceremony at the gastro-ecosystem «Tri Vokzala. Depo». There, against the background of mini-exhibitions of paintings and predatory plants, as well as along s VIP-degustation of alcoholic beverages, the prominent masters and novice filmmakers received awards from the festival organisers and attention with applause and photos from fans.

Mikhail Panferov, Alexey Elistratov, Vladimir Brilev, Anton Zatsepin, the group «GESTALT» and the hosts of the ceremony performed in the concert program of the evening. The hosts of the evening sat on designer chairs made in the style of the festival.

Among the honored media guests the ceremony was attended by the star of the project «The Voice» on Channel One Sergei Zhilin, Italian sculptor-architect Marchello Andriani, soccer coach Dmitry Pyatibratov, music and film producer Kira Smitt, film agent Alexei Kuzyaev, actress Anna Troyanskaya, Soviet TV star Vladimir Permyakov, General Director of City Sightseeing Russia Sergey Lavrentiev, CEO of Skolkovo Andrey Polusmyak, designer Irina Ivashkina, blogger Olga Bell, IAPM Director General Svetlana Pchelnikova, producer and actor Alexander Zlatopolsky and many others.

Before the ceremony, the audience had the opportunity to watch the gameplay movie “The Broken Spectre» on the big screen.

This year the chairman of the jury was Richard Cutting, film producer, film director, actor, USA.

The jury included:
Sylvia Perel, film producer/curator of numerous international film festivals, Mexico
Andrea Marfori, film director/producer, Italy
Yuri Torsuev, film actor, Russia
Vilen Babichev, film actor, Russia
Nina Romodanovskaya, Profi Cinema portal, Russia
Karina Romanova, actress/stuntman, Russia
Suren Kartashyan, director/cinematographer, Armenia
Ruslan Prokhorov, aerial photography, Russia/USA


Results of the competition program:

The Amazing, Inexplicably True Story of Fishhead, Brock Cravy, USA, won in the Best Sharp Screenplay of the Year category (screenplay competition)

Best gameplay movie and game of the year in the edgy virtual reality genre:
The Broken Spectre», directed and created by Evan Jones, Canada

Best feature-length thriller of the year:
«Mr. Greenberg’s Cellar,» directed by Andrei Payukov, Russia

Best feature-length horror of the year:
“The Goldsmith», directed by Vincenzo Ricchiuto, Italy

Best suspenseful TV series of the year:
“The Zombie Grandfather,» produced by Kirill Shamardin, Russia

Best Short Thriller of the Year:
“The Room» directed by Yulia Voytyuk, Belarus/Georgia/Russia/Turkey

Best Horror Short Film of the Year:
«Fear Your Wishes,» directed by Sergei Sharovatov, Russia


There were several winners in special categories as well.

Audience Award:
«Incarnation,» Russia, directed by Pavel Golovin

Jury Sympathy Award:
“The Whirlpool», Russia, produced by Alexander Kalushkin.

Award «the face of the 2023 Film Festival»:
Daria Alexandrova, Russia

Special Prize for domestic contribution to the development of the genres of edgy cinema:
Ruslan Prokhorov
Tatiana Tausheva
Igor Maslov
Denis Eleonsky
Ekaterina Vladimirova
Igor Zhizhikin

Special award for international contribution to the development of the horror genre:
Marco Dinelli
Ilker Erdemir
Mehdi Fard
Andrew Wynn
Richard Lee Wilson
Junsuke Kinoshita


Additional absentee prizes were also awarded to the films:
“Burga”, Spain, directed by Alfredo Contreras
«Chabak — The Night of Murder and Romance”, Republic of Korea, directed by Inhyuk Heng.
«La Peticion”, Mexico, directed by Ruby Salles.

The best film distribution companies that brought the largest number of quality horror blockbusters to the Russian market in 2023 were:
«360 MAX» and «Cartoon in Cinema».

The most important prize for the best horror of the year from the hands of the president of the festival was received by Italian actor Gianluca Vannucci, who starred in the film «Goldsmith», which Russian localisers released under the title «Don’t Breathe: Survival Game». Vannucci also received a personal award for his international contribution to genre filmmaking.
A total of 28 awards were handed out, which this year were made in the form of mini-fences with the name and logo of the festival graffitied on them.

The awards ceremony ended with a screening of the closing film “The Goldsmith», followed by a short Q&A session with its Italian star.

The 13th Film Festival enjoyed mass attendance and brought together a large number of professionals from the genre film industry and fans of the star guests

On October 15, the organizing committee of the festival will start accepting applications from filmmakers to participate in the competition program of the next, 14th film festival, which will also be held in the last week of September in 2024.

And thank you to all our guests, participants and spectators! We have been a family for many years.


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